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{"id":910,"parentCategoryId":1062,"level":2,"type":"item","linklist":"Y","right":"all","sitemap":"Y","clients":[{"plentyId":17490}],"details":[{"categoryId":910,"lang":"en","name":"Construction spotlights","description":"","description2":"<div> <strong> Ideal lighting for your business <\/strong> <\/div>\r\n<div> To provide all employees with a pleasant working environment, you will find the right lighting for every type of business. \r\nDoes your warehouse or assembly hall not provide enough light for you to do your job optimally?\r\nThen upgrade to our Tannenleuchten. These offer ideal lighting for a small price. A wide selection can be found in this category. But also office space can be equipped with our assortment. Browse for it\r\neasy in our LED panels, which are available in many shapes and variations. Good light is essential on the construction site. That's why you'll find construction spotlights for every purpose and size. Be it tripod or portable, here you will find\r\nwhat you need. In order to make safe the way from the car to the workplace, we offer a nice selection of outdoor lights with motion detectors. In the event of an emergency, the employees and customers are now on their way to the emergency exit\r\neasy and reliable, you can have a look at our selection of emergency exit lights.\r\n<\/div>","shortDescription":"","metaKeywords":"","metaDescription":"","nameUrl":"construction-spotlights","metaTitle":"","position":"1","updatedAt":"2019-06-07T09:48:14+02:00","updatedBy":"Philipp Buchholz","itemListView":"ItemViewCategoriesList","singleItemView":"ItemViewSingleItem","pageView":"PageDesignContent","fulltext":"N","metaRobots":"ALL","canonicalLink":"","image":3488974,"imagePath":"category\/910\/kat3-baustrahler.jpg","image2":null,"image2Path":null,"plentyId":17490}]}
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