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{"id":460,"parentCategoryId":null,"level":1,"type":"item","linklist":"Y","right":"all","sitemap":"Y","clients":[{"plentyId":17490}],"details":[{"categoryId":460,"lang":"en","name":"Furniture","description":"","description2":"<strong> Beautify your living space <\/strong>\n<br \/>\nIn this category you will find everything about furniture & amp; Living\nYou'll find a wide selection of desks and chairs through to commodes.\n<br \/><br \/>\n<strong> Furniture for everyone <\/strong>\n<br \/>\nYou want your living space give a special flair?\nIn our range you will find the right furniture to realize your dream of an apartment. We offer the right furniture for all ages.\n<br \/><br \/>\n<strong> Accessories for your TV <\/strong>\n<br \/>\nFor your new TV still missing the right wall mount and the right TV table? We have tables and brackets in your desired size. Just click through the shop and take a look at our huge range.\nAdd a touch of sophistication to your interior design our high quality chests of drawers are perfect. Place a vase or bowl on top to make your room more vivid.","shortDescription":"","metaKeywords":"","metaDescription":"","nameUrl":"furniture","metaTitle":"","position":"6","updatedAt":"2019-08-30T09:22:48+02:00","updatedBy":"Philipp Buchholz","itemListView":"ItemViewCategoriesList","singleItemView":"ItemViewSingleItem","pageView":"PageDesignContent","fulltext":"N","metaRobots":"ALL","canonicalLink":"","image":2782845,"imagePath":"category\/460\/kat3-tische.jpg","image2":null,"image2Path":null,"plentyId":17490}]}