MeineLampe ... and let there be light.

Set accents with lights from
To give the ambience of your own four walls a homely and cozy feeling, you can do a lot with modern lighting technology reach. Be it the basic lighting of normal rooms, the accentuation of special areas or even the illumination of the entrance area or garden - Meinelampe offers everything you need to bring light into the darkness. With an extensive range of lights of all kinds, you have the opportunity to plan the complete lighting for your home from a single source and to purchase all lamps and lights with or without bulbs in one place.
Saving energy through innovation - LED and energy-saving illuminants at Meinelampe
The perfect illumination of any room can easily be achieved nowadays through the use of innovative technology. The advance of LED technology and energy-saving lamps offers everyone the opportunity to implement their lighting concept in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. The lights from the Meinelampe program meet all the requirements of current energy saving guidelines and, with their elegant and varied design, open up the possibility of implementing your own lighting ideas without any problems. Of course, you can also get all kinds of lamps in our shop that are required to operate our lamps. Of course, our range of lamps is not just limited to LED lamps. Halogen and normal light bulbs are also available here.
Every room in the right light, Meinelampe helps
Since all rooms have their own flair, you can give this flair the finishing touch with the right selection of lamps, lights and spotlights. For this purpose, you can filter directly by room on and thus navigate from room to room until you have equipped your entire living area with lights and spotlights according to your style. There are no limits to your wishes. For example, you can use LED lamps to highlight areas or illuminate entire rooms wonderfully with normal halogen lamps and adapt them perfectly to your wishes with a light of your choice.
My lamp sets outdoor areas perfectly in scene
To our range of lamps and To round off the lights on Meinelampe, you can of course also get everything you need to garden & Co perfectly staged with light. Outdoor lights with motion detectors are perfect for illuminating entrance areas and thus offer added security for you and your visitors. Gardens, terraces and balconies can also be put in the right light with the use of the right lighting. Again, new levels of illumination are achieved with LED elements. Figures with matching lighting elements let dark corners shine in new splendor. Spotlights and lights for placing in the garden give a feeling of home.

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